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Video transcript:

Host - 

Welcome to Watermelon 

Watermelon brings all of your customer conversations into one place and helps you automate them.

Together with your colleagues and your code free chatbot you can collaborate on all of your customers conversation in the conversation overview

as you can see it is subdivided into filters.

The chats are clearly organized by filters

when i open a chat i can see on the right side who were chatting with 

I'm going to quickly pick up this conversation.

it automatically moves to my conversations.

I'm adding the new information I received to this customer's profile.

When the conversation is over I can archive this chat.

Under the team's filter I can view all active conversations by team as well as by individual colleagues.

Hey looks like some new chats came in let's have a look.

The label shows that this conversation is coming from whatsapp.

Hmm let's see this seems like a question for the support team.

I'm going to forward this chat to support.

It would be very helpful if my team had a virtual colleague who can do this type of work automatically. 

Luckily watermelon lets me build a chatbot in a few simple steps.

I can teach the chatbot to have conversations automatically.

I don't have to write a single line of code.

I enter a few variations on a question and the chatbot does the rest with artificial intelligence.

Great, the chatbot is ready. 

I’m going to activate my virtual colleague now.

I’m heading back to the conversation overview.

In the agent's filter I can watch our chatbot's conversations in real time.

We can see how the chat bot retrieves information and automatically adds it to the customer profile.

Looks like Gabby is asking about her order status.

The chatbot knows to ask for her order number.

When gabby gives her order number the chatbot forwards the conversation to a human agent.

I can see it here under unassigned conversations.

I'm going to quickly help gabby out.

Our order system is linked to watermelon so i can see this customer's order status here.

Of course our chatbot could have done this too.

That was easy. I helped Gabby out and now I can archive the conversation.

By the way, if I'm not behind my desk I can use the watermelon app.

This way I never miss a customer conversation.

Work better, easier, faster, and make your customers even happier.

That's watermelon.

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