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Create an outsanding customer experience

When using Watermelon you’re assured of a state of the art service. You easily connect all of your customer service channels and answer through one, structured overview. Our advanced chatbot allows you to be online 24/7, offering an automated service. With Watermelon, you’re working on an outstanding experience:

Manage conversations in one overview

Create intelligent chatbots and be 24/7 available

Work efficiently as a team in 1 platform


Watermelon is the tool to deliver abetter customer experience

Better view on your conversations

Connect Facebook, WhatsApp, mail and other channels to make sure you'll never miss an incoming conversation again. 

Automate your customer service

Create a chatbot that runs on artificial intelligence and automate a big part of your customer service. 

Work efficiently in teams

We offer all the tools you need for an efficiënt collaboration with your team. We ensure you an outstanding experience.

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